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About Sea Holly Floral Design

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There’s nothing better than an iconic Australian Banksia
mixed with a spiky blue Sea Holly and a soft fluffy Hydrangea.

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Creative floral combinations, sumptuous textures, and endless love.

These are the magical ingredients that make our bouquets so loved across the Central Coast of NSW. 

Create a special mood with seasonal blooms that inspire that special feeling of giving and receiving.

Our seasonal (and often native) flower arrangements bring a beautiful mixture of textures, flowers and foliage, colliding together to create custom creations. 

You can add gift items to your order which are sourced from local NSW and Australian small businesses who also create their wares with a lot of love.

Meet Clair

Head Florist and Founder of Sea Holly

Hi there! I’m Clair, a passionate lover of the land. I probably should be living on a farm, but beach life called first.


Family, love, the ocean, and community are all so important to me and my husband, and for now, the Central Coast is the perfect place to combine all of these things. 

I’m a mum of two. I did have a baby girl in 2012 who was stillborn, so, I like to say I have three children: just one couldn’t stay here with me.


I think it is that tragic life event which drew me into deciding to follow my creative side for my next career change. 

One year after the passing of Halle, we organised a family photo with a beautiful local photographer, with our new baby boy in tow and his big sister. First, I went to our local florist and asked for a single pink rose. This pink rose would represent Halle, our lost child, in our photo shoot. 
When the florist handed me that perfect pale pink garden rose, she had no idea about how this would impact me. It was perfection, just like Halle, and on that day I knew I wanted to become a florist so I could become a part of creating meaningful moments in people’s lives.

central coast florist gosford

Now I know I’m right where I need to be, expanding my business and creating flower artistry amongst the bushland and salty seas of the Central Coast. Floristry has made me appreciate my uniqueness and my zest for life, and I feel a beautiful spirit within whenever I’m working in this sacred space. 

I’m a creative person through and through. I think little Halle would now be proud of me, and I admit that she always has a special place in each bouquet I produce. 

I’ve always been a daydreamer, but that’s a good thing. I’m learning to love the creative, loyal, hardworking spirit that resides within. 

I hope you love my floral creations too, and I hope to bring joy to your loved ones’ lives very soon. 

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