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Lemongrass + Lime Scented Candle

| Healing, Letting Go, Resilience |


Lois’ is a candle for anyone who is experiencing loss or grief of any kind. It allows you to relax + bring your emotions to the surface so that you can acknowledge and release them. The combination of crystals promotes inner balance in your life whilst it holds your hand as you work through the different stages of healing.


Black Tourmaline + Moonstone

Healing, Letting go, Resilience


Large Size - 285g - 55 hour burn time.

Mini Size - 100g - 25 hour burn time.


100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, Natural Soy Wax, Eco Friendly, Cotton Lead-Free Wicks, Highest Quality Fragrance Oils.


Handpoured with love within Sydney, Australia.

Three Suns | Lois | Candle of Healing | Lemongrass + Lime

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